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What are Weald Park Warriors

Weald Park Warriors is a local community of runners who enjoy the beautiful and scenic Weald Park in Brentwood, Essex. We are a very informal group and run as a group, with faster runners looping back for others. No one gets left behind!

A Tradition of Team Spirit

Brentwood is lucky to be surrounded by two large country parks , it also has a long established running club our good friends Brentwood Running Club, A few Weald Park Warriors run with BRC as their first claim club and this is welcomed by us, here at Weald Park Warriors the feel is more a group of runners and faster runners run in the same group as the slower runners, with the faster runners looping back to keep all together. 

Where we meet

We meet at Brentwood Parkrun on Saturdays mornings, in Weald Country Park. Additionally, we run on Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings and most Sundays. Sundays morning meets are at Sawyers Hall Lane, Shenfield Road end at 07:30

In the summer we meet:

Tuesday’s @ 19:00 in Weald Country Park.

Thursdays  @ 19:00 in Thorndon Country Park 

In the winter we meet:

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s @ 19:00 at the Brentwood Centre car park near the car wash

Contact Us

Have a question about Weald Park Warriors. Send us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Weald Park Warriors

Brentwood, Essex, England, United Kingdom

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